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viole▓nce," said Laughlin. What American readers of▓ten look for when they read Chinese authors, however, is "some kind of criticism of some kind of problem" in societ▓y, he added.Laughlin was confident t▓hat their selected Chinese Literature would help Western readers better understand the more complex and richer reality of the fast-transforming Asian ▓power.

"What literature does, and this goes for independent documentary films and contemporary featur▓e films as well, is to recreate the su

bjectiv▓e experience of being Chinese," he said.Lite▓rature is

the original "virtual reality," be i▓t poetry, fiction, drama or essays, which not on▓ly "portrays" what is going on in China today,▓ but "delivers the feeling of

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experiencing it, often in emotionally intense setting

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